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At Gracious Heart Adult Family Home, our mission is to provide individualized, safe, and comfortable care with compassion and love. To understand and respond to the evolving needs and wishes of our residents, to be an innovative company who provides unique services, family satisfaction, and efficiency.


We believe that our residents deserve the best care and we pursue their complete satisfaction with all the services we provide while ensuring dignity, respect, and privacy. We pride ourselves in providing an exceptional adult family home through a dedicated and compassionate team who promote dignity, choice, and independence. 

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About Gracious Heart

Meet Gracious Heart's Founder and Administrator, Mark Ngewa.

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Mark has always been a hardworking, goal-oriented person. Early on in life, he helped his grandparents with their retail and transportation business, and eventually their health.

When Mark was just 10, his grandfather suffered a car accident that left him with a broken leg, arm, and facial lacerations. Mark cared for him for 14 months until he fully recovered. He’d manage his medication, wound care, transferring him to and from bed and helping him with mobility and other personal care tasks. He eventually also cared for his diabetic grandmother with high blood pressure and arthritis.

Mark continued caring for them until he immigrated to the United Stated at age 16. In the USA, he attended and graduated from Celebration High School in Florida. After high school he enrolled in Embry Riddle Aeronautical University to train as a commercial pilot. He also earned an associate's degree in computer networking from Valencia Community College.


At 21, he used the skills he gained running his grandfather's business to start a trucking company in Kissimmee, Florida, which is still in operation.


Mark was taught that success means attending a good school, working hard, and getting a good job. But Mark saw no personal meaning in working for someone else's success. So, he resigned from his retail management job and began his personal journey to discover his own definition of success.


Mark's true passion was helping people in a personal and meaningful way, so he returned to his early roots of caring for the frail and vulnerable, and started Gracious Heart Adult Family Home with his mother, Everlyn Ngewa.

Mark is determined, committed, and very passionate about helping senior citizens.     

Mindset, Beliefs, and Core Values.

Dignity, respect, and privacy are always top-of-mind. We take pride in offering exceptional care through a dedicated and compassionate team, as well as enhanced services to promote dignity, safety, choice, and independence.

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